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    ...Lost in beauty

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    Saturday, August 15, 2009

    The Happy Song

    [Verse 1:]

    Nothing makes me more happy than to know
    That I have such a close friend
    To know that you're down for me is reassuring
    It's the reason I'm always smiling

    And when I'm kickin' it with you
    I have a lot fun with you
    Never any kind of pressure
    Comin' from you
    Trying to get me to do
    Anything I'm not ready to
    That's why I really like you

    Da da da da da
    Da da da da da
    Da da da da da
    You make me happy
    Da da da da da
    Da da da da da
    Da da da da da
    So very happy

    [Verse 2:]
    I never get tired of talkin' on the phone with you
    For hours at a time
    And as time goes by we become grown up and wise
    I hope we'll be just as tight

    And it was supposed to be
    Then we're gonna be
    No one can stop what's destined
    For you and me
    Who's to say that we
    Won't fall deep in love
    It's a very good chance because

    [Chorus x2]

    I might be young
    But I still know what it is (to be happy)
    I know what's in my heart
    I know what's on my mind
    And it's you all of the time

    [Repeat Chorus to fade]


    the beauty exposed;