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    ...Lost in beauty

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    Sunday, September 20, 2009

    School was...
    I was soooo extremely tired...
    Reika didn't show up on Fridaaaaaay...
    And I miss heer!
    Even daddy looked down that day...

    Let's see, what else to blog about...
    Oh yeah, four classes were transferred to the Usha Bala Block.
    10S, 10A, 10Y and 10O...
    I've got Iliyana right next door.
    And Arathi and Sruthi in the other next door. XD
    Poor Yr9s who got transferred to the HOT CLASSROOMS. :P

    Joselle's farewell party was yesterday...
    Had lots of fun!
    So sorry to find that you're leaving...
    We'll miss you!!! ♥

    Well, hopefully, we'll be having a picnic tomorrow...
    In Lake Garden...
    Haven't been there in like...
    a LONG time...
    I can't even remember the last time I went there...
    Sheesh. -_-"


    My husbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaands. :)

    Just So You Know

    I sound so bossy...

    School was gruesome...
    Imagine the work I had to do...
    I mean...
    23 PREFECTS???
    Gowtham must be wanting me on my deathbed...
    At least everything worked kinda well...
    Thanks to Ninna and Maria and blablabla. :)

    I miss talking to him...

    ♥ I'm With You... Always ♥

    the beauty exposed;

    Sunday, September 13, 2009

    Can't believe I haven't posted in a WEEK!
    Guess Year 10 is waaaay harder than I thought...
    But 10A ROCKS!!!
    I've got Reika, Tashie and Jellyne ALL in one class! :)
    Currently sitting next to Reika.

    Duuuude, HOMEWORK...
    Too lazy to do it...

    You know, the first time I stepped into my A/O Maths class,
    I just STARED...
    First thought: 'Too many Koreans...'
    Second thought: 'Too many BOYS...'
    Luckily, Mansvi joined like, last week.
    THANK YOU!!!
    Now I have a seatmate, and a chattermate. ^^

    Accounting is alright...
    I've got Saniah and Pavitra with meeeeeee

    Hung out with Tashie and co. on Saturday at KLCC...
    We watched UP...
    And it was SOOOOO funny. :D

    I haven't talked to him since Tuesday...
    I miss him...

    Reika, I know you're reading my blog! XD

    ♥ I'm With You... Always ♥

    the beauty exposed;

    Sunday, September 6, 2009

    Still listening to Miku Hatsune's songs. XD
    Yeash, I can't stop, so bear with it. XD
    Currently chatting with Ezzat, who's being a total jerk-o at the moment.

    He's got a game today.

    And, I didn't attend the siege.
    More like, I couldn't...
    I blame my Internet...
    It just suddenly shut down...
    Guess my lappy got overloaded.
    After it restarted, I couldn't connect!
    So I had to go outside and fiddle with the wires.
    Just got them damn thing up and working, thankfully.

    I have Sunday School later...
    In the NPH...
    Hope Jaja's coming.
    Coz Tash is gonna be sitting with someone, I hear.

    And for some strange reason, I'm hungry...
    Too bad I can't raid the fridge...
    I want MILO!
    And OREOS!

    Hm... What else to write?
    Oh yeah, we got a new printer...
    That has a scanner and a photocopier!
    *celebration dance*

    Nothing else to post...
    Eesh. XD

    Post lateeer!

    ♥ I'm With You... Always ♥

    the beauty exposed;

    Thursday, September 3, 2009

    Another one!
    Just listened to it
    And fell in love with it. ♥

    ♥ From Your Hands ♥

    the beauty exposed;

    Yeah, school started on Wednesday...
    But I didn't get to stay for the whole day...
    Because of stupid diarrhea...
    Called my mom, and she picked me up.
    Spent the rest of the day at home, online. XD

    Today, finally sat through the whole daaaaay...
    And got my brain mashed in Physics.
    It's got soooo many conversions...
    And that's only the first day...
    Econs was great though.
    Mr. Arasu made us laugh, early in the morning.
    So, let's just say, that Econs is gonna be fun throughout the year. XD
    I'll be having Chemistry tomorrow...
    Mrs. Todorov's gonna be teaching...
    Kinda looking forward to it, in a way.

    Oh, yeah...
    I got addicted to Miku Hatsune...
    She's a vocaloid.
    I can't really explain what that is...
    But she's great.
    Currently I'm obsessing over her songs.

    ♥ Innocence ♥
    ♥ Last Night, Good Night ♥

    Those two are my current favorites. ♥
    Signing out for now.
    I'll update later, if I have the time.

    ♥ I'm With You... Always ♥

    the beauty exposed;