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    Friday, October 9, 2009

    Wow... I haven't blogged in so long!
    Assessments started today, and I'm still trying to get used to being in Year 10...
    English and Economics today...
    They weren't too hard, but I exceeded the word limit in English, and had to write a new one...
    In 20 MINUTES!
    It was hell, I tell you.
    I nearly died.

    I think I skipped a label in Econs though...
    Forgot where, but I'll hopefully get a 70...

    My mom's addicted to Farmville now...

    And last night, I was supposed to be online until like 3am, but my mom was awake...
    Meaning, I couldn't use my laptop in my room, in case she found out.

    What else to say...

    For some reason, I've become addicted again to MMPPP...
    I've been reading the manga and listening to their songs again and again.

    Seriously, he IS!

    Too bad guys like him don't exist in this world.
    Oh well, I'll make do with what we have...
    (I sound so unsatisfied. XD)

    Nothing else to say...

    I miss him! :(
    And I forgot to greet him on his birthday...
    Hate myself...

    Sorry for the lateness...
    I was busy, and couldn't go online...
    I'm With You ♥

    ♥ I'm With You... Always ♥

    the beauty exposed;