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    Friday, January 29, 2010

    Hey there avid stalkers!
    How's everything hanging?
    This whole week is my favorite week so far!

    Well, I won't blog about it too much. hehe

    There's something wrong with Blogspot.. Hm..
    I'm sick with the flu..
    But we had practice today - so I couldn't sing properly..
    But still, it was alright with meh. ^^

    That's it for today..
    I'll blog more tomorrow.

    ♥ Angel of Mine ♥

    the beauty exposed;

    Sunday, January 24, 2010

    lol. =)
    Went to Sarah Geronimo's concert today.
    And may I say that Mark Bautista is so CUUUUTE!
    Potential candidate for future boyfriend!
    Imaginary boyfriend, that is. :)

    I'll blog when I can again..
    Can't really remember details, so I'll be writing them in my Black book first before typing them out. ^^

    ♥ Angel of Mine ♥

    the beauty exposed;

    Friday, January 22, 2010

    You can't see me the way I see you..
    Maybe it's all just a mistake..
    Maybe I'm just fooling myself.
    I mean, I don't think you'll ever like me the way I like you..

    Ah, yes, me being emo again..
    *slits wrists*
    Kidding! Sheesh!
    I'm not that depressed. x)

    Didn't go to school today
    And stayed home instead. ^^
    Ah yes, the joy of not getting up early in the morning.

    But I still got up early anyway..
    Coz of a nightmare..
    I ended up playing PS2 - at 7am! XD

    What to write..

    Oh yeah, hung out with Chels at KLCC today..
    We ended up buying this Origami book, plus the paper.
    Then we headed over to Starbucks and began folding there.
    Out original plan was to fold while drinking Choco Cream Chip, but there were so many guys in the line!
    And I hate going to line where there are so many BOYS. XD

    I'll blog again tomorrow if I can. ^^

    ♥ Am I Falling? ♥
    ♥ Or Am I Crashing? ♥

    the beauty exposed;

    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    You were there, since the very start
    When everything was easy
    We never fell apart
    Even when things turned crazy

    Now we've grown older
    Obstacles have come our way
    We've been separated
    But our friendship still stays

    Friends forever, you and me
    That's who we'll always be
    Friends forever: till the end
    It's just you and me, my friend

    When it rained
    You sheltered me
    When there was sunshine
    We played and were free

    Play time's now over
    And the world seems so complicated
    We can't change it
    But we can help each other through this

    Friends forever, you and me
    That's who we'll always be
    Friends forever: till the end
    It's just you and me, my friend

    -Friends Forever, You & Me
    -an original composition by Jaja Cereno & Jhey Ungson

    Yup, there you go people.
    The song Jaja and I composed.
    Like it? Hate it?
    Leave a comment will ya?

    Hm... So what to post?
    Well, the Year 9s & 10s are going to Langkawi tomorrow..
    Have fun you guys! And take care!
    And I'll be absent.

    Ali wants me to sing on Valentines day..
    And I'm friggin scared..
    The song's so high!
    But I'm having fun during practice, considering someone's there. ;)

    Swish, Ruthbell and this other guy on Violins. =) They're awesome. ^^
    Ali on drums... No, seriously, who the hell puts drums in a classical piece?
    Kee En'll be playing guitar.. At least, that's what Ali said.
    And Pooya's playing piano.
    Damn that boy can really play.
    I was gawking - literally people!

    Hm... What else?
    Well, I've developed a new crush. ;)
    'Tis awesome, except for a single fact: he only thinks of me as a sister/friend..
    Damn my love life..

    Oh well, can't be helped.
    Nevermind about that then.

    ♥ Angel of Mine ♥
    ♥ I think I've found you ♥
    ♥ But you don't see me the same way I see you ♥

    the beauty exposed;

    Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    Had school, as usual..
    Ninna's er.. missing. x)
    And I missh her!
    Activities tomorrow..
    Wonder what we'll have..

    Just came back from Jaja's place..
    We wrote this awesome song, and now we're planning to record it and send it to Hollywood!
    Okay, maybe not the Hollywood part, but stiiiiill....... There's a chance right? =3

    It's all about our friendship through the years.
    And I'm really proud of how it came out.
    It started with a few chord, then Ja threw in a line, then we just started making up everything else, just going with the flow. ^^

    I really want her to sleepover soon.
    We need to finish that song!

    Blog soon, gotta go. Bye!

    ♥ Friends Forever ♥
    ♥ You & Me ♥

    the beauty exposed;

    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    Happy New Year!
    Oh wait, that was... 12 days ago...
    Damn, missed it. x)

    How are you guys?
    Yeah, school's started again..
    Yay.. <- note the sarcasm people.
    Came back on the 5th but only went to school on the 7th..
    Turns out that the teachers gave a helluva lotta homework while I was gone.

    Had cheerleading tryouts today..
    Why am I captain again?
    And how exactly did I become captain? x3
    RATRI! Answer meh! XD

    It's that time of year again..
    You know, I did a full backbend, or bridge, whichever you prefer, in the canteen after school and man it felt good.
    My spine just had those little crick sounds you get when you crack your knuckles and stuff. x)
    They thought I was weird though. haha
    Poor me.. Well, not really..

    I'm bored..
    Hope I can blog tomorrow..
    Or maybe not.


    Blog soon!

    ♥ Angel of Mine ♥
    ♥ Please find me soon ♥

    the beauty exposed;