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    Saturday, November 21, 2009

    Well, since there's nothing for me to do, might as well blog.

    Exams are over, Ninna's getting better.
    What more could I wish for?
    Oh yeah, for Fatima's attitude to improve.

    Get ready for the rant people, coz this is a long one.
    She's a spoiled brat, and a friggin LIAR.
    I stopped being friends with her in Year 8, so this is NOT considered backstabbing, because she is NOT my friend.
    She's the backstabber.
    She's boastful, she brags and she cries when people beat her in certain subjects - get higher marks than her.
    She's irrational and seems to make up outrageous things.
    She said that she'll be getting a book published, one that SHE wrote, when she can't even write...
    She has NO RIGHT to brag. Considering there are people who are WAY better than her in writing.
    About the lying part? It's true.
    I still recall when Eldest came out, the second book in the Eragon trilogy.
    Well, darling little Fatima comes up to me and Roopz the next day and says something like this:
    "You know, my dad knows the publisher of Eragon and he said that the next book will be green and have 'E' as the starting of the letter of the book. The title will be six letters long, just like the first two."
    As gullible as we were, we believed it. But imagine my shock when Brsingr came out and it was GOLD...
    And let me tell you, I can be a b*tch when I want to, so don't get one my bad side, at all.

    the beauty exposed;

    Sunday, November 15, 2009

    When I first saw you, I already knew -
    There was something inside of you.

    ~Angel of Mine by Monica

    hehe. Wow. I haven't blogged in ages.
    Well, not really.
    Been pretty busy this week...
    Hate exams, they deserve to die!
    Think of all the poor trees that had to be cut down coz of that!


    Currently in my Godfather's house...
    And the kids are driving me nutsssss
    Jaja's here, so that's good.
    But she's being occupied by the kids, so there isn't really much we can talk about.
    Gimme a sec, I really am getting deaf.

    Let's see, what's on the agenda this week...
    Monday: Maths (ew...)
    Tuesday: Chemistry (hope I do well here) ((which reminds me, I need to stay back so Mansvi can help me in A/O)
    Wednesday: Physics in the morning then A/O in the afternoon. Then dental appointment at 3-ish... (what a hectic day!) ((sleepover at chels' place!))
    Thursday: Economics... then FREEDOM! :D

    Haha. looks like the week will pass faster than I thought.
    hope I do alright tomorrow.

    Alright, so my past exams (last week)
    Accounting: Er... Some people got Gross Loss, not profit, so I'm pretty unsure about this...
    ICT: The teachers gave different Pointers so... er... Pass? (hoping)
    English: Sheesh, 3 hours! Finished the paper in one and a half, was writing stories for the remaining hour. Wait, was writing stories for HALF and hour, then was itching to go to the toilet for the next half. XD

    Addicted again to D.N.Angel ♥
    Daisuke Niwa is so uber cute!
    And I want him! (steals Dai-kun away from Riku)

    I'll blog again at home. Bye

    ♥ Angel of Mine ♥
    ♥ Although you don't exist at all *hearts;

    the beauty exposed;

    Tuesday, November 3, 2009

    A lot has happened in the time it took for me to update.
    I'm feeling pretty depressed - stayed home today coz of stupid nausea...
    Didn't do much the whole day...
    Fell asleep again...
    Till 11:04am. Twas AWESOME. =)
    Not in the mood to blog... Sorry Ili...

    ♥ Fallen... ♥

    the beauty exposed;