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    ...Lost in beauty

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    by ice angel

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    Sunday, August 30, 2009

    Fun shopping trip.
    Well, it was fun...

    Went around the whole of Pavilion.
    Dropped by Forever 21 first.
    Jaja tried on stuff at nichi.
    I just watched. XD
    Went into random stores...
    Then back to Forever 21,
    Where I bought this awesome key necklace.
    It's like two keys and one lock...
    But I'm too lazy to post pictures.
    It cost me 30 bucks la ppl!
    But I loveeee it! ♥

    Once we were tired,
    We dropped by Starbucks
    and ordered Chocolate Creme Chips!

    Then, went back home...
    And did nothing, as usual.

    I have to go to school on Tuesday!...
    For this New Students' Orientation thingy...
    It sucks...
    But as a prefect,
    It's compulsory...
    At least I'll get to see a few of my friends...
    Hopefully. :s

    Besides that, our HEAD PREFECT, Hans, is currently unreachable...
    So, Gowtham and I are working on most of the stuff,
    Even though I'm not really part of the staff.

    Didn't get to talk to him for very long...
    But at least he managed to make me smile...

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