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    Friday, January 22, 2010

    You can't see me the way I see you..
    Maybe it's all just a mistake..
    Maybe I'm just fooling myself.
    I mean, I don't think you'll ever like me the way I like you..

    Ah, yes, me being emo again..
    *slits wrists*
    Kidding! Sheesh!
    I'm not that depressed. x)

    Didn't go to school today
    And stayed home instead. ^^
    Ah yes, the joy of not getting up early in the morning.

    But I still got up early anyway..
    Coz of a nightmare..
    I ended up playing PS2 - at 7am! XD

    What to write..

    Oh yeah, hung out with Chels at KLCC today..
    We ended up buying this Origami book, plus the paper.
    Then we headed over to Starbucks and began folding there.
    Out original plan was to fold while drinking Choco Cream Chip, but there were so many guys in the line!
    And I hate going to line where there are so many BOYS. XD

    I'll blog again tomorrow if I can. ^^

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